Finally Natural & Lovin It!!!!

30 Oct

Ladies….I don’t know about you, but going natural has never really been a lifelong dream of mine. If you’re like me, you probably avoided it at all costs….simply because we grew up believing that straight hair was better. Frequent use of the hot comb, which graduated to the use of perm kits, never allowed me a chance to get to know & love my hair in its natural state. Because I had become use to dealing with the straight processed hair, that new growth just seemed like the devil to deal with, so off I would run for that “touch up”. That is until June of 2010. Even though my hair was really growing at this point & appeared to be healthy, I became tired of this whole process of washing, blowing drying, flat ironing & curling….week after week, year after year. The whole vanity of it all was consuming me, & I wanted it to change. Not to mention the fact that I was telling myself that it may look o.k. now, but what’s it gonna look like ten & twenty years from now, if I keep putting these chemicals in my hair. I decided that I wanted to keep my hair as long as possible, so I wouldn’t be giving myself any more perms. Although, at the time, I wasn’t really sure that I would follow through with this.

As the months passed, & I started to have new growth, I began caring for it as if it was the only hair on my head. I was amazed! In all of my years, I had never become acquainted with my natural hair. It was actually cooperating with me, & doing what I was telling it to do. Now my permed ends were simply in the way. I was able to coordinate the two hair textures fairly well, but I began to feel compelled that I wanted the permed hair out of my life….& then it happened. A little more than 6 months after I had my last perm, I couldn’t take it any more. I called my Hubby & children together, & explained to them about the struggle I was having with my hair, & that I wanted it to stop….by cutting it off. They understood, & before I knew it, my Hubby was giving me “The Big Chop!” It has been the most freeing thing in all of my life, & I don’t a eva wanna go back! On December 22, 2011, it will be my one year Nappiversary! I must say though, that I may be a little different from the average natural hair journeyer. I have decided that I want to keep a TWA, because it truly keeps my hair easy to maintain. Now some of you ladies might have a problem with that, but you must understand that part of my issue with my hair has been my consumption of it. Therefore, the less hair the better for me.

Anyway, as I was growing up, my Mom taught me how to take care of my own hair, so I would like to pass that knowledge  & encouragement to you. You DON’T have to depend on someone else to do your hair for you. It will save you time & MONEY! If you don’t know how to care for your own hair at this point, pay attention & ask questions as someone else does it for you. Check out YouTube videos, or magazines, etc. There’s a lot of knowledge out there to be had. If you’re putting off going natural because you’re afraid of what people might say….scratch the fear Ladies….find yourself a support system….start with your family….if they have your back, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says!! If you are on the fence about going natural, jump off onto the NATURAL SIDE!!….I sort of got worked up there….back to my point. 🙂 Over the past year, I have learned to maintain my own TWA, so I made a video showing you how to do the same. Please take a moment, & check it out below.

I hope my Natural Hair Journey story has been a help to you. If so, please leave a comment below, follow my blog, like, etc…all the stuff you do with blogs….not quite sure of it all. I’m new to this. But please share this with your friends.

Thank ya for your time Ladies! 🙂


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